Shift Lever Collar, Brass - Mazda Miata MX5 NB2 01-05 6-speed

  • $ 27.50

One of the most common wear items in the Miata NB2 6-speed that causes slack in shifting is the shifter collar bushing. Over time, the plastic OEM piece is subjected to heat and pressure, which causes the bushing to loosen, expand, deform, and/or break apart. Our new brass shifter collar bushing eliminates this slack and allows for long lasting performance as well as prevents damage and wears to other transmission components. For the most noticeable difference, pair this with a shifter rebuild for the ultimate shifter refresh and feel.

NOTE 2 - SLC-MNB02-BOM bushing is design for 01-05 NB2 with the larger 17mm Shifter tip. If your Miata NB is manufactured between 2001~2002, please check your VIN before ordering. 
If the last six digits of your VIN is above 220740, you will need SLC-MNB02-BOM.
If the last six digits of your VIN is below 220739, you will need SLC-MNA01-BOM.



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