About CS

A new product line that branched from an OEM manufacturer of chassis reinforcement and performance products. As an OEM manufacturer, we were subcontracted to build products for well-known Japanese and U.S aftermarket companies.


Now we are pleased to introduce the Circuit Sports products line directly to the U.S. aftermarket industry. Product lines include a full line of chassis reinforcement, suspension and performance accessories.

Frequently we bring new products to the US market with fresh ideas and concepts then later transfer the products to other companies under an OEM agreement to be promoted under their name. Many items are designed and produced in cooperation with or for other companies.


We are not a large-scale company like many others in Japan or the US. Nevertheless we have considerable experience and knowledge in automotive tuning and exercise boutique style craftsmanship ensuring our customers the highest quality performance part available.


We would like to thank you for visiting us and for your continued support Circuit Sports and its products.


Thank you.

Team Circuit-Sports