Extreme Speeds Round 2 of Roadster Cup and Round 1 of Redline time Attack

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2015 March News Release:

On Saturday February 28th 2015, Circuit Sports participated in Extreme Speeds Round 2 of Roadster Cup and 2015 Round 1 of Redline time Attack on Sunday March 1st 2015.

Circuit Sports teamed up with Indotech Motor Sports (Miata specialist) to battle in the Roadster Cup event with their Miata NA powered by a Honda F22C engine and in addition with Garage Life (Rotary specialist) in their time Attack Mazda RX7 FD to further gather addition test data for our prototype advance spec coilovers.

Team WWR’s Mr. Will Wattanawongkiri drove both cars at both events at Buttonwillow Raceway park in Bakersfield CA. Everyone involved were very anxious as to how the coilovers were going to perform, being first prototype and first time testing at a track environment. Indotech's Mazda  Miata was up first on Saturday, in modified class, they delivered a very impressive time of 2:00.410 in the second session taking first place. Due to the weather that day we were unable to continue collecting data but even with the short amount of time we did have testing the car we were very please with the results.

Onto round 1 of Redline Time Attack, both the Miata and RX7 participated. With over 70 participants, RX7 came out on top victorious with the fastest time of 1:49.462 placing first in modified class RWD and won overall fastest car of the day. The Miata also improve its time to a 1:59.

At the end of the two day event we all sighed of relief because not only did the coilovers did great they also exceeded our expectations showing of potential. Because of the success we had at the track Circuit Sports would like to share our success on the track with our loyal and trusted distributors.



Sincerely yours,

Circuit Sports


A Special Thanks to:

WWR crews

Indotech crews

Garage Life crews

Gears-Racing Team



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