Yamaha MT07/FZ07 EV2 Rear Shock

  • $ 509.00

Yamaha MT07/FZ07 EV2 Rear Shock

Monotube - Oil & Gas Separator Design:

Monotube design lessens the effects of aeration and

performance fade. A larger sized piston and gas separator

divider helps to eliminate cavitations caused by the mixture of

oil and gas. Monotube design can hold a larger capacity of

fluids and gas chamber tolerate greater heat dissipation, which

in turn allows continuous stability damping throughout the

different performance settings and damping force.

• Active Valve Piston:

To set a wider range of adjustable damping performance, we

apply our proprietary Wide Range Valve Piston (WRVP) into a

smooth surface shock chamber to create low friction to help set

low, mid, and high-speed damping. Creating a Simple

Harmonic Motion (S.H.M) control function provides extra

comfort, even on the toughest road conditions.

• Rebound Adjustment:

15-clicks of adjustable rebound to allow users fine-tune their

desired suspension damping settings.

• Spring Preload Adjustment + Internal Gas Chamber:

Spring Preload provides the adjustability needed to allow users

to set their desired riding preference. Combined with internal

gas chamber to sub-support spring compression’s wider range

of setting with an easy adjustment.

• Extra Volume Fluid / High–Pressurized Gas:

By applying Boyle’s Law and Ideal Gas Law, Gear’s extra

volume innovated fluid & gas separator design allows

additional volume of oil and high-pressured gas to assist the

shock and effectively absorb the impact but still maintain the

comfort and control.

• Height Adjustable*:

Some applications are equipped with height adjustable system,

it allows user to change rake and trailing geometry to obtain

maximum performance. (Maximum 5mm).

• Warranty:

All shocks are covered by a 12 months Limited Warranty from

the original date of purchase.

* Original purchase receipt must accompany with Warranty RMA return.

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