Engine Head Gasket - 87mm/(1.1mm/1.5mm/1.8mm) - Nissan (SR20DET)

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Circuit sports multi layered stainless (MLS) head gasket - Nissan SR20-DET

Due to popular demand for an affordable high quality head gasket for the SR20DET, circuit sports engineered and developed probably one of the best head gasket in its class in terms of quality and price. The head gasket features:

Multi layered stainless (MLS) head gasket in the make up of the thickness, just like the JDMbrand head gaskets (Apexi, Power Enterprise,Greddy etc.) This type of design is much better than competition that use "block" to make up the thickness which does not seal nearly as good as mls head gasket

Thermal coating on both surfaces of the head gasket to ensure proper heat seal between the cylinder head and block.
Proprietary 'heat wrap' around the combustion cylinder chamber. This type of heat wrap design can withstand high boost pressure and temperature than convention stacked MLS around the cylinder bore.

This head gasket is available now in 87 mm bore with 1.1, 1.5, or 1.8 mm thickness. 87 mm bore can work with 86-87 mm pistons .
Part no.: HGK-NS20-08711-it (1.1 mm thick)
Part no.: HGK-NS20-08715-it (1.5 mm thick)
Part no.: HGK-NS20-08718-it (1.8 mm thick)

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