OE Replacement, Starter - Nissan Skyline R34

  • $ 205.00

Circuit Sports original equipment starter - R33 / R34 Nissan Skyline GTR with RB26-DETT engines, R33 Skyline GT-S with RB25-DET engine and R34 Nissan Skyline GT-S ER34 with RB25-DET NEO engines.

Most of the time when a car doesn't start can be due to a faulty starter. Please verify yours will fit by cross-referencing the physical differences on the starter.






Note: Rated at 12V/1.4KW

Before purchasing, please verify your vehicle production date (month & year) and motor that’s equipped in your vehicle.

Also please provide the part number on your old unit to help us cross reference the correct replacement part for you. 
    * Vehicle specification Label usually can be found at the driver door or by the lower B-Pillar area.
    ** Normally part number can be located…
        - Starter part no.: can locate at the solenoid or a label on the starter body.
        - Alternator Part no.: can locate at the rear housing of the alternator.

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