OE Replacement, Alternator - Nissan 300ZX (Z32)

  • $ 249.00

Circuit Sports 12V/90amp Alternator is a direct fit and replacement for your Nissan 300ZX.Many VG motor comes with an old or worn alternators that lack of appropriate electricity to make your vehicle function properly. Replace it and bring your vehicle back to life.


Note: Rate @ 12V/90amp

Nissan OEM Part No.: 23100-31P10R

Note: Before purchasing, please verify your vehicle production date (month & year) and motor that’s equipped in your vehicle.
Also please provide the part number on your old unit to help us cross reference the correct replacement part for you. 
    * Vehicle specification Label usually can be found at the driver door or by the lower B-Pillar area.
    ** Normally part number can be located…
        - Starter part no.: can locate at the solenoid or a label on the starter body.
        - Alternator Part no.: can locate at the rear housing of the alternator.


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