Magnetic Oil Drain Plug - Universal

  • $ 11.00

Circuit Sports magnetic oil drain plug designed to protect your engine with a powerful magnetic rod that collects & capture dangerous metal shavings and particles that circulate throughout your engines internals from engine wear over time. This can improves oil's efficiency and added extra engine protection by preventing metal particles from building up and blocking oil passageways that might lead to engine failure. Takes just minutes to install after an oil change, easy to clean.
NOTE: Please choose the correct part number for your vehicle.
PART NO. ODP-1006-GD: (M16 X 1.5) Toyota FT86 /Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ
PART NO. ODP-1007-GD: (M14x1.5) fits most Honda/Acura, Mitsubishi and Mazda vehicles.
PART NO. ODP-1008-GD: (M12x1.25) fits most Toyota/Scion/Lexus and Nissan/Infiniti vehicles.
PART NO. ODP-1009-GD: (M20x1.5) fits most Subaru vehicles.

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