Gears Racing EV2 Coilovers - Mazda Miata MX5 Roadster ('90-05 NA/NB)

  • $ 1,699.00

Mazda Miata MX5 Roadster ('90-05 NA/NB) full coilover system EV2 Race Valving Special . (Extra Volume 2): 10kg front/8kg rear spring rates variant.

Our coilover system rival many high-end suspension coilover systems currently on the market, developed by reputable motorsports engineers with extensive experience in the motorcycle racing industry in both Asia and Europe. This coilover system was designed not just for comfort specifically for the US, but also for the more performance-oriented weekend track driver in mind.

Monotube Oil & Gas Separator Design:
Our separator design enhances heat dissipation and prevents shock fluid from foaming inside the damper. This allows for sustained performance over prolonged hard use.

Active Valve Piston:
Wide-Range Valve Piston (WRVP): Anti-overloading double-loop piston offers two-way pressure relief function for extra comfort.

Rebound Adjustment :
14-click, rebound adjustment from the softest setting to full stiff for comfortable street driving to track setup.

Preload Adjustment:
Preload spring setting is adjustable for user preference and/or needs.

External Reservoir System:
External reservoir effectively provides additional oil and gas capacity to stabilize temperature for extended performance and retains the ability of the shock to dampen suspension motion.

Adjustable Height:
Height Adjuster Rod allows for more precise height adjustment depending on user needs.

Anodized finish: Anodized finish is corrosion resistant and long lasting.

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