Electronic Fan Controller Kit - Discontinued

  • $ 125.00

Circuit Sports electronic fan controller is a very important accessory to your cooling set up, electronic fan controller allows you to dial in specific settings depending on certain variables such as water temperature or oil temperature. In a motorsports vehicle it is very important to keep temperatures under control and with the Circuit Sports fan controller you should have no trouble doing so.

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Replacement Sensor


  • Digital lcd screen display.
  • Small and compact size for easy installation.
  • Dual temperature reading (one being optional for oil or 2ndary water reading)
  • 5 deg. c cool off period between fan on/off operation
  • 30 amp "recommended" max limit.
  • 40 amp heavy duty relay with 10 awg relay wires
  • Voltage display
  • Will work with all aftermarket electric fan(s) with preferred but not limited to 30 amps, with maximum of 40 amps

 Note: The additional sensor can be purchase separately.


* All Circuit Sports products are backed by a limited life time warranty against defects and workmanship.*

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