ALTRAC Hubcentric Wheel Ring

  • $ 23.00

Circuit Sports Altrac hubcentric wheel rings are made of high quality CNC machined aluminum and can be used for various applications. Without hubcentric rings, aftermarket wheels with a different centerbore size than your wheel hub are mounted lugcentrically and can cause some owners to experience vibration at freeway speeds. Our hubcentric wheel rings are designed with tight tolerances to ensure that the wheel is concentric with the wheel bearing by filling in the space between the hub and center bore of the wheel. This improves wheel fitment and wheel balance as well as prevent damage due to off-centered vibration.

*Please note: Altrac hubcentric wheel rings are sold in pairs (1 set = 2 rings). For all four wheels, please order two sets.

Available in following Hub Bore Size: 
OD: 73mm and ID: 54.1, 56.1, 59.1, 59.5 60.1, 64.1, 66.1, 67.1 & 70.1mm
OD: 68.3mm and ID: 54.1mm

OD: 65 mm and ID: 54.1mm

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