New Oil Filter Block Adapter - Angled Thermostatic V2

  • $ 139.00

New restyled billet aluminum thermostatic oil cooler adapter for your high-performance motor.  This adapter sandwich kit also has a built-in 180°F (82°C) thermostat which automatically bypasses the oil cooler until the oil has reached its minimum/safe operating temperature.  Prolonged use of an engine in conditions where the oil cannot reach its correct working temperature will cause sludge formation and crankcase oil dilution, leading to excessive wear especially in the cylinder bores. The elimination of drag in engines caused by cold oil is a most important consideration, especially with a racing engine. Additionally, revving the engine without load will not put much heat into the oil, and devices for preheating the oil may not be available. Optimum engine power will only be delivered at correct temperatures. When used in conjunction with an oil cooler results in quicker engine warm-ups and prevents oil viscosity loss in colder conditions. And now, it comes with a Viton ring for ORB fittings to ensure a complete seal.

New V2 Kit comes with:

  • A straight bolt-on design to be used with -10AN Oil Cooler Kit.
  • It comes with 2 different oil housing center fitting, M20 & 3/4-16UNF.
  • 2 X -10AN JIC flared 37º thread ORB outlet port for easy oil cooler installation.
  • 2 X 1/8 NPT for oil temp/pressure sensor insert ports, Come with JIC flared 37º thread ORB end caps.

    Please verify your filter adapter thread pitch before purchase.

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