Tyredog Tire Pressure and Temp Monitor System (TPMS) TD-2000

  • $ 299.00

TD2200 Tire pressure system is design for 6-wheel vans, RVs, motorhomes, minibuses, ambulances, car-caravan combinations and similar vehicles with Tire pressures up to 180psi (12 bar).


The picture shows the display set up for six wheels on three axles, but it can also be set up for twin wheels on the rear axle, or to display just four wheels.

Note that for larger vehicles, a system with relay or signal transducer is required. Please see our new TC215B system for caravans and motorhomes with Tire pressures up to 99psi or our heavy duty system pressures up to 188psi.

System Monitors Tire pressure and temperature in real time

Instantly detects air leakage and over heating

Alerts when Tire pressure is above or below normal

Alerts when Tire overheats

Alert levels for high and low pressure and for high temperature can be set by the user with separate settings for each axle.

Low power consumption with automatic stand-by mode – only operates while vehicle is in use

Sensors fit onto Tire valves in place of standard dust caps


Very simple installation

Monitors up to 6 Tires at the same time

System frequency at 433.92MHz/315MHz

Interference from external systems is prevented by data encoding

System sensitivity -112dBm

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