Harley Davidson Street Rod - H2 Rear Shock

  • $ 999.00

  • Monotube - Oil & Gas Separator Design:

Monotube design lessens the effects of aeration and performance fade. A larger sized piston and gas separator divider helps to eliminate cavitation caused by the mixture of oil and gas. Monotube design can hold a larger capacity of fluids and gas chamber tolerate greater heat dissipation, which in turn allows continuous stability damping throughout the different performance settings and damping force.

  • Active Valve Piston:

To set a wider range of adjustable damping performance, we apply our proprietary Wide Range Valve Piston (WRVP) into a smooth surface shock chamber to create low friction to help set low, mid, and high-speed damping. Creating a Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M) control function provides extra comfort, even on the toughest road conditions.

  • 2-Way Damping Adjustment:

15-clicks (Rebound) & 10-clicks (Compression) adjustable damping to allow driver and rider to precisely tune their desired suspension settings according to road and track condition.

  • Spring Preload Adjustment + Internal Gas Chamber:

Spring Preload provides the adjustability needed to allow users to set their desired riding preference, combine with internal gas chamber to sub-support spring compression’s wider range of setting with an easy adjustment.

  • External Reservoir System:

External Reservoir System provides an extra expansion area for the excess fluid movement during the compression stroke and effectively provide additional cooling surface to assist and stabilize the dampers throughout the wider range of operating temperature. By applying Boyle’s Law and Ideal Gas Law, Gear’s innovated extra volume fluid & gas separator design allows additional volume of oil and high-pressured gas to absorb the impact of tough road surfaces but still maintain the comfort and control.

  • Preload Adjustment:

Spring Preload provides adjustability needed to allow users to set their desired riding preference.

  • Height Adjustable*:

Some applications are equipped with height adjustable system, it allows user to change rake and trailing geometry to obtain maximum performance. (*Maximum: 5mm).

  • Build Material:

Constructed with 7075 seamless tube aircraft grade aluminum to optimize durability and by utilized Pillow Ball mount it allows shock to engage self-correction on alignment. 

  • Warranty:

All shocks are covered by a 12 months Limited Warranty from the original date of purchase. * Original purchase receipt must accompany with Warranty RMA return.

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