Circuit Sports News Release

Dear All,

With mixed feelings, I would like to announce that starting from September 29, 2014, Phase 2 Motortrend will no longer be the exclusive distributor for the CIRCUIT SPORTS products.  Although we are sad to see the end of an 8-year Phase 2 Motortrend and CIRCUIT SPORTS relationship, we are eager to start a new chapter of CIRCUIT SPORTS history.  

Our immediate plan of action is to expand operations by establishing a professional sales and support team to further provide CIRCUIT SPORTS' excellent products to our customers around the world.  We are extremely excited about this expansion and we truly look forward to continuous collaboration and team work toward a prosperous future for all!  

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at should you have any questions or concerns and allow 24 hours of response time.  Again, we truly appreciate your effort and support with CIRCUIT SPORTS.  Thank you.

Truly yours,

Michael Lin